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Michael Hole

Michael Hole – Author

Michael Hole lives on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia with his life partner, Rachel Dunn and their loving cat, Morrison. They reside in a beautiful wooden treehouse that is nestled amongst the trees of their stunning, rainforest acreage – home to the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and all manner of native plants and animals.

By day, Michael is co-founder of Girl Director and Girl Director Academy Rachel (the original Girl Director, who is also a massive supporter of him bringing the Execlintians to the page, and ultimately to hyper-real CGI film).

As well as writing this book, Michael has spent many years working as a video director, marketing mentor and online video producer. He is also a musician – singer, songwriter and bass player – currently working with his band The Brindle Men – having played, written and performed in many of his own original bands over the years.

The Execlintians is Michael’s first novel, providing another outlet for his diversely visual and philosophical creativity. As of the beginning of 2021, he has just finished writing this extraordinary novel. And whilst it is the first draft, it is, in fact, a complete version of the story and creation of the world that existed nearly 100 million years ago.

Those who have read excerpts have loved it. Now he is looking for the best publisher to take it to market and the shop the film rights. If you know anyone who can help Michael with this, please let us know by sending us a message.

Background to the Execlintians (in Michael’s words):

The seeds of this book first came to me in a dream, many years ago. It all began when a huge, floating eye with an orange and blue double iris started looking at me through the slats of an open window. While I was looking into this eye, the word “execlintian” whispered through the ether of my consciousness, and from the moment I woke up until this day, the image and strange word have never left me. Over the years more and more images of this creature and others it knew have come to me, culminating in this detailed account of the sentient plants that lived on Earth about a hundred millions years ago.”

This website was set up as a launch pad for the book, serving as a place to present excerpts of the material so that others can start to read it… Before a publisher comes on board and turns it into a nice sized paperback… That’s what we are planning to do with it. After all, there’s nothing better than a well thumbed paperback novel, is there! Plus there will be an audiobook version too, of course!

To contact us, please complete the contact form below and we will be in touch. Or you can contact Michael on Facebook at: facebook.com/execlintians and facebook.com/michaelhole.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember… Hope does not come alone.

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